About Quatro Design

Welcome to Quatro Design – Australia’s leading manufacturer of GRC (glassfibre reinforced concrete) products for the landscape industry.



Quatro Design was founded in 2004, and is owned and managed by company founders John Curry and Chis North.  The business operates from a large and modern manufacturing facility at Murwillumbah in northern New South Wales, just south of Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Today the company is at the forefront of GRC manufacturing in Australia with a focus on products for the landscape industry.   Our dedicated team strives to make the highest quality products — pots and bowls, planter-boxes and street furniture for high-end residential and commercial projects – all at a reasonable price.

Chris and John portrait -- low res

Chris North (left) and John Curry

GRC pots and planters

Since 2004 we have been manufacturing landscape products in GRC.  Our product range of pots and planters is made up of various design collections including round, square, and rectangular shapes from small to very large. We make the largest planter-pot available anywhere in the world, at 3 metres in diameter.

GRC Street Furniture

Concrete street furniture has traditionally be made in precast concrete which is solid concrete all the way through and extremely heavy.  Quatro Design manufactures street furniture seating elements in GRC. Being hollow the products are much lighter and more easily installed.

Oftentimes seating and planter are combined into the one unit, as in our SOUL, DESIGNER and DELTA seat planters. Increasingly the seating units are standalone elements designed by Australia’s leading industrial and landscape designers, as is the case with the Flinders range (Alex Lotersztain), GEM range (Forrest Gillham) and the Boulder and Segment ranges (Surya Graf).

We also incorporate timber seating into product designs, made in our own wood-work shop.  We use laser-cut stainless steel brackets in our hardwood timber seating unless otherwise specified.

Fibreglass Wall Planters

Fibreglass/resin (FRP) products are both extremely light and strong, and at Quatro Design we have developed a lightweight FRP planter-box system suitable for use as wall planters.  They incorporate engineered stainless steel brackets for fixing the  planters to walls.

Australian-made to order

Australian made logo

All of our products are made right here in Australia.  You benefit from being able to source locally-manufactured products that are made to a high standard using the finest materials available.

We also manufacture to order which expands your choice in terms of colour, special finishes, feet requirements, design modifications, etc.  Our lead times are relatively short so you won’t have to wait months to get what you really want.


In addition to our extensive product ranges we also custom-manufacture.  In fact, custom-manufacture is now a large part of our business — from pots and planters through to street furniture.  Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Environmental Impact Statement

At Quatro Design we are concerned about our impact on the environment.  Here are some of the ways we have reduced our environmental footprint.

Quatro Design factory - waste water recycling system

Quatro Design factory – waste water recycling system

  • Replacement of 400 watt metal halide high bay lights with energy efficient 150 watt LED lights throughout the factory, and replacement of florescent lights with LED lights in our office.
  • Installation of translucent sheeting in east-facing factory wall to increase natural lighting
  • Installation of a water-recycling system so that wash-down water is collected and solids are allowed to settle out.  The water is treated to bring the alkalinity back to neutral ph, and then transferred to a storage tank for re-use in factory-floor wash-down.
  • Installation of large recycling bin for cardboard packaging which is regularly collected by a cardboard recycler.
  • Participated in waste audit by Bin Trim assessor as part of New South Wales Environment Protection Agency (EPA) program.