Month: October 2012

not only for plants

As it starts to warm up here in Queensland thoughts turn to keeping cool, and we find ourselves asking, “do I bite the bullet and install a swimming pool this summer?”

Our resident all-rounder, Bruce, has the perfect solution. Last summer he turned one of our large 1200 designer bowls into a one man swimming hole, before planting it up and turning it into this tropical oasis. Check out these pics to see how lush his garden grows!

the mother of all water features

The boys at quatro have been toying with this design for sometime and have finally turned their vision to reality. This 3 tiered water feature is made with our 600, 1000 & 1800 designer bowls held together with a central stainless steel column concealing the pump, and weighs…alot! when filled with water. If only they had made their prototype in white, then it would have really looked like a wedding cake.