Month: December 2013

water-feature in before the heatwave

We received some shots this morning from Andrew at Warner’s Nurseries in Melbourne of his newly installed pool water-feature. Using a zen bowl with custom spillway Andrew was rapt, “Check out my fabulous water feature. I love it! Thanks again for organising. Such a great product!!”. Thanks for sharing with us, Andrew, and looks like you’re set for this summer’s first heatwave.

the art of mould making final stage

The mould is now lined / trowelled with glassfibre cement [GRC] 12-15mm thick to create a smooth, glassy finish, then cleaned of any loose threads, and left to set for 24 hours. Once set, the crane is used to pull the finished product from the mould and detailed.

We now have 3 parts of the tree ring clamped together, the seams will be bolted and potentially filled with a gasket [dependent on end environment].

See our facebook page for the full gallery of images.

new zest planters

Quatro Design has worked with Brisbane designer Surya Graf on several projects so it was only a matter of time for the designer to approach us with his own planter. With it’s sensual lines it is half traditional flower pot, half contemporary planter leaving you with the choice of the desired visual angle.

Zest is available in GRC (glassfibre reinforced concrete) and light-weight fiberglass.  Initially there are two sizes in the range: one at 610mm diameter x 540mm high, and a larger at 760mm diameter x 660mm high. Over time we will be adding larger sizes to the range. 

The Zest pots are a beautiful addition to the Quatro planter family, and another wonderful design by Surya.

Check out Surya’s other works at