Month: March 2014

helensvale library

The recently-completed Helensvale library and community centre on the Gold Coast features a large tree planter plus bollards made by Quatro Design in GRC.  The large custom  seat planter is 3.5 metres x 2.5 metres, and was made without a floor in it.  This enables the tree roots to grown downwards into the subsoil below.  Quatro Design also supplied the timber seat elements.

We made two seat planters for the project although only one made it into the completed project.  The Gold Coast City Council is likely to incorporate the second planter into another local project.

The bollards (400 x 400 x 450) incorporate lighting, and were also custom-made for the project.

Landscape design was by Complete Urban’s Gold Coast branch.

asbestos planters replaced

When the York Apartments in Sydney’s CBD were built several decades ago, asbestos was widely used in the construction industry.  And so the planter boxes that line the walls of the carpark levels in the building were made out of asbestos panel. 

But after years of service the planters were falling apart from rootball pressure.  The solution was to replace all one hundred and sixty-four planters with glassfibre reinforced planters made by Quatro Design. 

We’ve included here some images showing the new planters in position and planted out.


its our 10 year anniversary

A decade is a long time in business, and last week we celebrated our tenth anniversary.  Quatro Design was born way back in 2004 with a plan to make pots and planters in GRC.

It’s probably fair to say we were long on optimism and short on experience.  But since then we’ve come a long way, both in terms of our GRC manufacturing capability and product range, and in terms of our location.  We started off in a metal shed at Billinudgel near to Byron Bay, then we moved to larger premises at Currumbin on the Gold Coast, and more recently to our large modern factory at nearby Murwillumbah.

Of the four original founders, Chris North and I are still here working in (and on) the business.  We’ve grown to become the largest supplier of GRC products for Australia’s landscape industry.  We’re still making pots and planters, as well as a range of street furniture seating.

It’s been an exciting, interesting and challenging journey to get this far.  We’re now looking forward to the challenges and opportunities of the next ten years.

mermaid sculpture in GRC

Who says concrete isn’t sexy?  This mermaid sculpture cast in glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) proves that it can be. 

Gold Coast sculptor Midge Johansen approached us  to see if we could cast a sculpture in concrete using the silicone mould she had made from her original clay model. We were up to the challenge, and In all we made four mermaids from the mould.  The one pictured here was painted using speciality paints to achieve an aged-bronze appearance. 

The sculpture is 1 metre long x .7 metre wide x .7 metre high.  We cast it using a combination of GRC manufacture techniques.  Firstly, highly liquid premix GRC was poured into the up-side-down mould to fill the difficult-to-access voids that form the mermaid’s head and upper body, and the octopus arms. Then the lower part of the sculpture was formed with spray GRC.  This means that much of the sculpture is hollow making it lighter and easier to handle.   .