Month: May 2016

Manufacturing with GRC (Part 2) Making the plug

Making moulds is fundamental to our operation as a manufacturer of GRC products.  And over the years we’ve got pretty good at it.  In this blog we feature the first step in making a new fibreglass mould for a new seat shape in our POD range of street furniture.  That first step is the plug. 

Dave (who wishes to remain anonymous) is one of our three mould-makers, and he started on making the plug a week or so ago.  The plug is the exact shape of the end product, and it is from the plug that he will make the fibreglass mould.  We typically build the plug from timber materials or from CNC-cut high density foam. 

Once the basic shape of the plug is made, the next step is to apply high-build coatings that are then hand-sanded and polished to a high gloss finish.  This is the long and laborious step.  The fibreglass mould surface will reflect the surface of the plug so it’s important the mould-maker (i.e. Dave) gets this step right. 

Dave has photo-documented each step in the process starting with the timber materials, making the plug which in turn makes the mould for the newest member of our POD street furniture range, Bulb.  Next week he will move on to step two – taking the fibreglass mould off of the plug.  

Manufacturing with GRC (Part 1) Design & Development

At Quatro Design we design and develop a wide range of our own products. Sometimes an idea or design concept can inspire us to develop an entire product range based on the original concept.


A good example of this is our SOUL range based on the timeless design of the terracotta flowerpot.  Our new Delta seat planters were inspired by the design of a coffee table seen at Harrods in London. 


We are a solutions-based manufacturer, and in addition to developing our own products, we also work collaboratively with architects and designers to design and deliver products that meet their specific design requirements.


Moulds are at the heart of what we do. Mould fabrication can be expensive and we are always mindful of this. We are always looking for creative ways to keep our mould costs as low as possible. Where possible we strive to ensuring a mound has multiple uses.  Oftentimes we’re able to adapt and reuse moulds on other jobs. This helps to keeps to reduce mould costs and consequently the cost of products.  


Our design team understands GRC. We design to ensure that a product is buildable and will deliver the best possible outcome for our clients. At Quatro Design we love challenges and we’re always inspired by new designs that push the boundaries of GRC manufacture for landscape and streetscape-related products.  In recent times we’re seeing an increase in inquiries for custom balustrade planters and green wall façade planters.