Month: June 2016

trellis planters

Using 3 standard Quatro 1500 (500 Series) trough planter boxes, John here at Quatro Design has set up a beautiful green wall vertical garden along one wall of his courtyard. John bolted a galvanised steel frame with mesh panel to the planters, and then around 80 Skale green wall pots were hung on the mesh of each frame.   He then installed a simple drip-irrigation system which irrigates the top row of pots.  Excess water then flows down from pot to pot, and within just a few minutes the entire wall has been watered.

The plants, many of them bromeliads, were potted out around this time last year.  The usual sight of the drab back fence is now but a distant memory as John now looks upon the verdant, lush, tropical green living wall he has created.

Manufacturing with GRC (Part 3) Laying up the firbreglass mould

In the previous blog, we followed Dave in building the plug from which the fibreglass mould is made.  Now that he has built the plug and polished the surface to a high gloss finish, he’s ready for the next stage – laying up the fibreglass to form the mould on the plug.   


To begin he spray-applied a gelcoat layer on to the plug surface.  As soon as this has cured/hardened sufficiently, he begins applying layers of fibreglass chopped strand matt and wetting it out with polyester resin.  This hardens and forms a fibreglass shell – the negative shape of the plug.

The mould for this project is a two-part mould.  Dave lays up the main body of the mould, and then turns the plug over and then lays up the second part which forms the lid section.


Once both mould parts are completed, the plug is separated from the mould.  Here we see Dave sitting on the plug next to the mould.  Nice work, Dave!