Month: November 2016

Welcome to our new website

Today, Monday 28th November, we launch our brand new website.  We hope you like it as much as we do.

Several months ago we realised that our old website was not particularly friendly for browsing on your mobile phone.  Also, it was starting to look a bit dated even though we frequently received comments on how visitors liked it.  So, we asked Ionline based on the Gold Coast to build us a totally new website using up-to-date software.

In conjunction with the launch of this new website, we’re also launching several new product ranges.  They include the Deco collection, the Hub Combo stool/jar planter collection, and the Delta seat-planter collection.  Also, we’ve added new products to existing collections such as our U-Bowls and Cylinders.

We’ve prepared a new price-list which includes all our existing and new products.  If you’d like an electronic (pdf) copy, send an email to Renee requesting it.  Her address is