Month: March 2020

Importance of Drainage

Quatro Design Drainage Guide

Drainage is the most important aspect of container gardening and is critical to plant health. It is a natural process by which water moves through and out of the soil as a result of gravity. Water in the soil needs to drain freely to ensure that sufficient air is available for root uptake.

Roots need to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with the air, if excess water is present it closes off air pockets in the soil and roots start suffocating. A lack of drainage is one of the most common causes of unhealthy and dying plants, as waterlogged soil can lead to root rot. This is a serious condition that plants rarely recover from. Signs of root rot include wilted and yellowing leaves and eventual leaf-drop. If the plant is removed from the container the roots may appear black or brown with a slimy texture.

Excess water also place additional pressure on the container base and sides and if drainage is not corrected surface cracks will appear.

Optimum drainage should always be the objective as healthy roots mean healthy plants. Containers need sufficient drainage holes in the bottom to let any excess water drain away. More plants are killed by drowning or rot than by under-watering. The provision of a permeable screen or filler material at the bottom of the pot will allow water to pass through and prevent drainage holes from blocking.

Note that even if the soil surface appears dry, the soil at the bottom of the pot may be saturated.

Our bowls, pots and planters come standard with internal acrylic water-based waterproofing to protect the pot surface and with drainage holes already installed. The location, size and number of drainage holes relate to the size of the pot and its soil volume.

Some projects require the installation of drainage holes on site so we’ve created a drainage guide to provide assistance with this. Guidelines are provided on minimum drainage hole sizes, recommended drill’s and drill bits etc to ensure that adequate drainage is achieved.

Please contact us to discuss the requirements of your pot selection if drainage holes need to be installed on site after product delivery and we’ll gladly provide guidelines on the number and size of drainage holes required.

Links to our Drainage and Planting Guides

Our response to the COVID-19 health crisis

Quatro Design Covid-19 Update

To our valued customers,

Our thoughts are with you, your businesses and families during this unprecedented time.

I would like to use this opportunity to assure you of the continued support that you can expect from us as we navigate through the COVID-19 health crisis.

Currently our staff are taking preventative health measures whilst we continue with factory-based operations in Murwillumbah. It may however be necessary over the coming week to have all non-essential factory staff commence work from home.

Our intention is to continue manufacturing operations, unless we are instructed by government to desist, or it becomes unsafe to continue operations.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will be maintaining a consistent line of communication with you and will advise when there are any changes to our current operational situation.

For the moment we remain open for business and have prepared for possible impact scenarios.

With the first indication that there may be a global supply chain shock we took precautions and negotiated with our suppliers early and have procured an additional 6-month supply of raw materials to ensure that we have capacity to meet market demand.

This will allow us to continue to support our loyal Australian clients.

Our dedicated sales team are committed to providing ongoing service to our customers and are available via phone and email for quotes, orders and general enquiries.

We’re proudly Australian and committed to our ongoing support to the domestic market as well as to our local community.

In times like this Australians band together, and we’ll continue to play our part to ensure that you and your projects are supported with great Australian made GRC products.

We appreciate your continued support and patience during these uncertain times and hope that you and your family stay safe and healthy.

Chris North

Co-founder and CEO

Celebrating 16 Years of Excellence

Quatro Design 16 Years of Excellence

Quatro Design is celebrating 16 years in business this week. It is a time to reflect and look back to our humble beginnings and what we’ve achieved so far.

Originally set up to design GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) products, Quatro Design merged with a GRC manufacturer in 2004 and started designing and manufacturing landscape pots and planters from a small shed in Billinudgel near Byron Bay, NSW. To keep up with business growth we eventually relocated to a larger factory in Currumbin on the Gold Coast. In 2013 we moved to our current larger and modern factory in Murwillumbah, NSW to keep up with product demand.

We have subscribed to one simple guiding factor along the way and that is celebrating basic shapes and forms and focussing on timeless simplicity to ensure that our pot, planter and street furniture ranges compliment rather than compete with the surrounding landscape. This is combined with our commitment to provide the best quality landscape products to the Australian market.

Our employees continue to play an important role in our success. Their passion and commitment to designing and manufacturing modern and contemporary urban landscaping products and solutions have been invaluable. Our products are predominately made by hand with minimal use of machinery, and the care and attention to detail that goes into every design and the production process is evident in the attractive styling and consistent high quality achieved.

It certainly has been an interesting journey thus far, with our custom design and manufacturing projects topping the list as the most rewarding. We enjoy working collaboratively with architects and landscape architects on projects from the conceptual planning phases right through to delivery. There are some exciting projects in the pipeline, and we look forward to sharing them with you over the coming months.

We are grateful and humbled by our Client’s continued support over the last 16 years. Without it our amazing journey would not have been possible. Ultimately their creative landscape installations and urban greening solutions allow our products to shine. We’ll continue to meet and support them at the intersection where landscape meets architecture.

We’re optimistic and excited about our future and can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve over the next 16 years.