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Importance of Drainage

Quatro Design Drainage Guide

Drainage is the most important aspect of container gardening and is critical to plant health. It is a natural process by which water moves through and out of the soil as a result of gravity. Water in the soil needs to drain freely to ensure that sufficient air is available for root uptake.

Roots need to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with the air, if excess water is present it closes off air pockets in the soil and roots start suffocating. A lack of drainage is one of the most common causes of unhealthy and dying plants, as waterlogged soil can lead to root rot. This is a serious condition that plants rarely recover from. Signs of root rot include wilted and yellowing leaves and eventual leaf-drop. If the plant is removed from the container the roots may appear black or brown with a slimy texture.

Excess water also place additional pressure on the container base and sides and if drainage is not corrected surface cracks will appear.

Optimum drainage should always be the objective as healthy roots mean healthy plants. Containers need sufficient drainage holes in the bottom to let any excess water drain away. More plants are killed by drowning or rot than by under-watering. The provision of a permeable screen or filler material at the bottom of the pot will allow water to pass through and prevent drainage holes from blocking.

Note that even if the soil surface appears dry, the soil at the bottom of the pot may be saturated.

Our bowls, pots and planters come standard with internal acrylic water-based waterproofing to protect the pot surface and with drainage holes already installed. The location, size and number of drainage holes relate to the size of the pot and its soil volume.

Some projects require the installation of drainage holes on site so we’ve created a drainage guide to provide assistance with this. Guidelines are provided on minimum drainage hole sizes, recommended drill’s and drill bits etc to ensure that adequate drainage is achieved.

Please contact us to discuss the requirements of your pot selection if drainage holes need to be installed on site after product delivery and we’ll gladly provide guidelines on the number and size of drainage holes required.

Links to our Drainage and Planting Guides

Moonee Ponds

Moonee Ponds Blog Cover

Moonee Ponds under local Government City of Moonee Valley, is a lovely inner city suburb in Melbourne. It is perhaps best known for football, Queen’s Park, as the birth-place of Steve Irwin and the home of the fictitious character Dame Edna Everage. Everage Street was named in her honour.

City of Moonee Valley ordered a collection of our charcoal U Bowls earlier this year to beautify Puckle Street. There is a variety of retail outlets and eateries in this main thoroughfare, and the introduction of landscape pots and greenery has had a positive impact on the local community’s shopping experience.

Quatro Design Moonee Ponds Blog

Quatro Design supplied 27 900 Medium U Bowl Planters, 3 1200 Low U Bowl Planters and 1 1500 Low U Bowl Planter for this installation. The U Bowl pots were used in conjunction with aluminium and timber street furniture benches to create areas of rest and reprieve for shoppers.

Quatro Design Moonee Ponds Blog

A collection of small flowering shrubs and groundcovers in grey, mauve, lilac and white tones compliment the u-shape and charcoal colour of the pots. Polygala sp, brachyscombe sp, evolvulus sp and dichondra sp were clustered in the bowls, and their varying heights and creeping habits soften the surrounding street-scape.

Quatro Design Moonee Ponds Blog

We look forward to visiting Moonee Ponds again to see how the pots and plants are faring.

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Rooftop Gardens

Quatro Design Rooftop Gardens

Adding additional greenery has become a priority for urban planners but finding a balance between optimum residency and greenery is not without its challenges.

Landscaping of rooftops, balcony gardens, foyers and even the sides of buildings has therefore increased in popularity to facilitate the introduction of green spaces in all new developments.

Rooftop gardens in particular provide an outdoor living space for residents and allow for recreational activities and entertaining. Some developments even offer resort-style rooftop amenities for residents to promote physical activity and psychological well-being.

These rooftop gardens often include planters and plants, dining and lounging furniture, swimming pools and pergolas to provide a reprieve from the urban surrounds.

Quatro Design GRC Bowls, Pots & Planters used in Balcony and Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop bars and dining has also increased in popularity. The views and exposure to sunlight and other elements provide an escape from grey city living and the addition of plants soften the harsh concrete surrounds.

Quatro Design GRC Bowls, Pots & Planters used in Balcony and Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop Garden Landscaping & Benefits:

Pots, planters, water features and plants can be stylised and themed to compliment the architectural style of the building to ensure that each rooftop garden has its own unique style and personality to suit the lifestyle being promoted by the developer.

Quatro Design GRC Bowls, Pots & Planters used in Balcony and Rooftop Gardens

Adding plants to rooftops not only adds to the aesthetic value of the property but improves the air quality and facilitates noise reduction. Plants also reduce the heat absorption of a building which in turn reduces energy consumption.

The views and vistas from the rooftop of buildings also give a sense of space and is a wonderful way to make use of the borrowed landscape.

Quatro Design GRC Bowls, Pots & Planters used in Balcony and Rooftop Gardens

Quatro Design in Rooftop Gardens:

Quatro Design has provided bowls, pots and planters for iconic rooftop garden landscape installations over the years and we’re very proud of the results.

Quatro Design GRC Bowls, Pots & Planters used in Balcony and Rooftop Gardens

The use of our over-sized bowls, pots and planters lends a sense space and will make the rooftop and balcony feel bigger as groupings of small pots creates clutter and could make the space feel small and untidy. Large pots also have the added benefit of providing additional space for root growth which in turn results in healthier plants.

Quatro Design GRC Bowls, Pots & Planters used in Balcony and Rooftop Gardens

Quatro Design – where landscape meets architecture

two-tone fusion pots

Normally our GRC pots and planters are made in just one colour.  We can’t apply glazes of different colours and then high-bake a pot as happens with clay pottery.

That’s about to change with our new Fusion collection of pots that we’ll be launching in the near future.  Fusion pots will be made in two parts, each in a different colour, and then joined together.  The rendered drawings here clearly shows what the new Fusion pots will look like.

Initially there will be four pots in the Fusion collection — beginning at 400mm in diameter up to 800mm diameter.

We’re currently working on the moulds for the Fusion collection.  As soon as they’re ready we’ll add Fusion pots to our product range so you can order them.  In the meantime, let us know what you think of the concept and design..

Currumbin RSL Cenotaph Memorial Gardens

Congratulations to Mick Stovin of Green Mandala for the amazing job he and his team have done at the new cenotaph memorial garden at the Currumbin RSL. Mick completed the project this week just in time for the upcoming ANZAC day commemorations.

Quatro Design is honoured to have been involved in the project.  We supplied a number of planters and street furniture elements including our new SOUL 2200 seat planter.  The bowl for the eternal flame water-feature was also supplied by us.

dragon trees australia

For several years Quatro pots and planters have been on display at Dragon Trees Australia, complementing the spectacular, architectural plants grown at the Chinderah nursery near Tweed Heads in northern New South Wales. 

The display garden at the entrance to the nursery is worth a visit by itself.  It typifies the modern outdoor area with timber decks, feature screens, stone-clad walls, built-in gardens and both small and large plants grown by Dragon Tress Australia.  A 2.3 metre diameter Quatro Designer Bowl planted out with a large dragon tree sits atop a 3-metre high, stone-clad square column. There’s also a separate display area featuring Quatro planters.

Jason Jarrett is the principal at Dragon Trees Australia.  He has focused on growing architectural plants from around the world, such as the Dragon Tree (dracaena draco), Tree Aloe (aloe barberae), Blue Nolina, Agave, Furcraea, and Dasylirion.  These plants exhibit characteristics ideal for much of Australia – hardy and drought tolerant.  They’re highly sought after by landscape architects, designers and clientele who want that special look for their projects. 

On Saturday and Sunday, December 6-7, Dragon Trees Australia will be having a plant sale where the general public can buy architectural plants at significantly reduced prices.  Quatro Design will also be involved – we’ll have numerous pots, bowls, square and rectangular planters on display for sale

So if you’re after that special plant with matching planter, come along to the Dragon Trees Australia sale on December 6-7.  The nursery is located at 13 Waugh St, Chinderah.   Their website is  

brisbane international garden show

Last weekend we visited the Brisbane International Garden Show and as always headed straight to the landscape displays, always full of inspiration, this years entries didn’t dissappoint. We were proud to contribute one of our 800 tall U bowls to Horticultural Training (design by JW Concepts) and congratulations to the team on winning the silver medal.

our local canteen

Our local coffee haunt in Burleigh Heads, Canteen Coffee, not only does a cracking cup of java, but they are slowly taking over the whole arcade and filling it with vintage, rustic furnishings, and a selection of our planters filled with the most beautiful succulent specimans. Showing how perfectly the clean structured lines of our planters can blend with almost any architectural or interior style. We’ll have to let the boys know that we’ll be using this space as our showroom and having all our client meetings here from now on.