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CCS Kalgoorlie. Our New Standard Colour

Quatro Design GRC Colours

Introducing CCS Kalgoorlie, our new fourth standard colour option for our bowls, pots, planter boxes and street furniture made in Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC).

The time has come to retire sandstone as a standard colour, but it can still be specified and ordered should this colour suit your landscape design theme.

We decided to introduce a warmer colour tone and palette to our product range and we’ve taken inspiration from our Australian heritage and have chosen a colour option inspired by our wide brown land, particularly the iconic colour of Australian soil.

During manufacturing the GRC mixture can be coloured by blending mineral oxide pigments with either grey or white cement to create a variety of integral concrete colours. CCS Kalgoorlie is a mineral oxide pigment that has been specially blended to resemble the colour of the iconic golden red soil located at the edge of the golden mile.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder is a gold mining city in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia. The city is well known for its architectural treasures and has many elaborate heritage listed buildings reminiscent of the opulent gold rush era. Kalgoorlie has many historic hotels still in operation.

CCS Kalgoorlie lends itself to a variety of landscape architecture applications. Whether your landscape design calls for historical elements or has an ultra modern theme this beautiful colour is sure to delight.

You can also refer to the full CCS Colour Range should our four standard colours: charcoal, concrete grey, white and Kalgoorlie not suit your unique design vision for a variety of concrete colour options.

Our response to the COVID-19 health crisis

Quatro Design Covid-19 Update

To our valued customers,

Our thoughts are with you, your businesses and families during this unprecedented time.

I would like to use this opportunity to assure you of the continued support that you can expect from us as we navigate through the COVID-19 health crisis.

Currently our staff are taking preventative health measures whilst we continue with factory-based operations in Murwillumbah. It may however be necessary over the coming week to have all non-essential factory staff commence work from home.

Our intention is to continue manufacturing operations, unless we are instructed by government to desist, or it becomes unsafe to continue operations.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will be maintaining a consistent line of communication with you and will advise when there are any changes to our current operational situation.

For the moment we remain open for business and have prepared for possible impact scenarios.

With the first indication that there may be a global supply chain shock we took precautions and negotiated with our suppliers early and have procured an additional 6-month supply of raw materials to ensure that we have capacity to meet market demand.

This will allow us to continue to support our loyal Australian clients.

Our dedicated sales team are committed to providing ongoing service to our customers and are available via phone and email for quotes, orders and general enquiries.

We’re proudly Australian and committed to our ongoing support to the domestic market as well as to our local community.

In times like this Australians band together, and we’ll continue to play our part to ensure that you and your projects are supported with great Australian made GRC products.

We appreciate your continued support and patience during these uncertain times and hope that you and your family stay safe and healthy.

Chris North

Co-founder and CEO

Celebrating 16 Years of Excellence

Quatro Design 16 Years of Excellence

Quatro Design is celebrating 16 years in business this week. It is a time to reflect and look back to our humble beginnings and what we’ve achieved so far.

Originally set up to design GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) products, Quatro Design merged with a GRC manufacturer in 2004 and started designing and manufacturing landscape pots and planters from a small shed in Billinudgel near Byron Bay, NSW. To keep up with business growth we eventually relocated to a larger factory in Currumbin on the Gold Coast. In 2013 we moved to our current larger and modern factory in Murwillumbah, NSW to keep up with product demand.

We have subscribed to one simple guiding factor along the way and that is celebrating basic shapes and forms and focussing on timeless simplicity to ensure that our pot, planter and street furniture ranges compliment rather than compete with the surrounding landscape. This is combined with our commitment to provide the best quality landscape products to the Australian market.

Our employees continue to play an important role in our success. Their passion and commitment to designing and manufacturing modern and contemporary urban landscaping products and solutions have been invaluable. Our products are predominately made by hand with minimal use of machinery, and the care and attention to detail that goes into every design and the production process is evident in the attractive styling and consistent high quality achieved.

It certainly has been an interesting journey thus far, with our custom design and manufacturing projects topping the list as the most rewarding. We enjoy working collaboratively with architects and landscape architects on projects from the conceptual planning phases right through to delivery. There are some exciting projects in the pipeline, and we look forward to sharing them with you over the coming months.

We are grateful and humbled by our Client’s continued support over the last 16 years. Without it our amazing journey would not have been possible. Ultimately their creative landscape installations and urban greening solutions allow our products to shine. We’ll continue to meet and support them at the intersection where landscape meets architecture.

We’re optimistic and excited about our future and can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve over the next 16 years.

Complimentary Internal Waterproofing

Quatro Design Complimentary Waterproofing

Quatro Design’s commitment to quality has been our driving force since we started designing and manufacturing bowls, pots, planters and street furniture for the landscaping industry in 2004. Our Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) products will last for years and our Clients have the peace of mind that our product ranges are robust and structurally sound.

To ensure that our product surfaces are long-lasting and protected against efflorescence, cracks and surface discolouration, Xypex is added to our GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) mixture during manufacturing and the completed products sprayed with penetrating sealant before they are wrapped and packaged for dispatch.

As part of our commitment and ongoing drive towards excellence we’re excited to announce that complimentary internal waterproofing will now be added to all our products. Yes, our GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) bowls, pots, planter and seat-planter ranges now come with acrylic waterproofing at no extra cost!

Our strict manufacturing standards ensure the surface longevity of our landscape products:

  1. Xypex in the GRC mixture reduces porosity and hairline cracks.
  2. The penetrating sealer protects against oil and water-based stains.
  3. Acrylic waterproofing prevent excess soil moisture causing surface discoloration and discourages efflorescence.

Internal waterproofing also has the added benefit of preventing rapid moisture loss in the potting medium. Temperatures are expected to soar this Summer and with some areas in Australia experiencing drought and water restrictions this will be good news indeed.

Quatro Design – where landscape meets architecture

The Natural Choice for Business

Quatro Design is located in Tweed Shire

From Quatro Design’s humble beginnings since we started manufacturing in Billinudgel, NSW in 2004, we’ve grown into one of the largest manufacturers in Tweed Shire, Northern Rivers, NSW.

When the time came to expand our operations The Tweed was a natural choice at which time we relocated to our factory in Murwillumbah in 2013. We’ve been overwhelmed by the level of service and quality of products on offer by our suppliers and the skill-set available from the local community.

Quatro Design has been Manufacturing in the Tweed Shire since 2004

We count ourselves very lucky to operate within the inspirational backdrop that the Tweed Shire has to offer: pristine beaches, world class surfing, turtle and whale sightings, rain forests and most notable of all – the green caldera. This ancient volcano site is a natural amphitheatre recognised alongside Daintree and Kakadu as one of three most bio-diverse regions in Australia.

The town of Murwillumbah is nestled along the banks of the beautiful Tweed River and is in close proximity to UNESCO World Heritage-listed Wollumbin National Park.

The Tweed Shire

This backdrop has been the inspiration for the natural form and shapes of some of our pot, planter and street furniture ranges. It also highlights our responsibility towards the environment and as such we have implemented many practices in our manufacturing process to reduce and minimise our environmental footprint. Our most recent upgrade has been the installation of a new solar system. For more information please read our blog on greener manufacturing.

In conjunction with the team from (a Tweed Shire Council initiative) we produced an informative video on our factory and operating a successful business in The Tweed. Click on the following link to watch the video and meet our team: Quatro Design Factory in Murwillumbah

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Photographs taken by Jack Perkins. Jack has been a valuable member of our team since 2011, he pursues photography as a hobby and we’re all big fans of his work!

Greener Manufacturing

Quatro Design Factory with New Solar Panels

Quatro Design is constantly striving to implement more environmentally friendly methods and strategies to our manufacturing processes to further reduce our footprint. Apart from supplying pots, planters and street furniture to facilitate the addition of greenery to urban landscapes we’ve incorporated some of the following practices at our Murwillumbah factory:

  • We’ve replaced all 400 watt metal halide bay lights with energy efficient 150 watt LED lights throughout our factory.
  • All fluorescent lights in our office have been replaced with LED lights.
  • Translucent sheeting was installed along our east-facing factory wall as well as roof sky lights to increase natural lighting inside the factory.
  • We’re also very proud of the water-recycling system we designed that collects all water used to wash down the factory floor and equipment. Solids are allowed to settle out and the water is treated to bring the alkalinity back to neutral pH, from there it goes into storage tanks for re-use in the daily factory wash-down.
  • We’ve had a recycling bin installed for all cardboard packaging that is collected on a weekly basis by the recycler.
  • We’ve also participated in a waste audit by Bin Trim Assessor as part of the New South Wales Environment Protection Agency (EPA) program.

We’re proud to announce that we can add a new solar powered system installed on the roof of our factory to this list. The team from East Point Power arrived on site last week and have been working hard to ensure that our new solar system gets up and running.

The team from East Point Power are locally based and grew up in the Northern Rivers area, we support local small business as much as we can when engaging suppliers to ensure that we’re supporting families in our surrounding community.

Quatro Design new Solar system being installed

Solar power is a truly renewable energy source, it is available every day world-wide. Did you know that one hour of the sun’s energy could meet our planet’s energy needs for one year? Solar power has no emissions, is noise pollution free and assists us in reducing our carbon footprint by reducing our reliability on fossil fuels. The system requires minimal maintenance too which in turn reduces waste.

We’ve had a 39 kW system installed which translated into 144 panels on our factory roof. We’ll be tracking our CO2 reduction on a monthly basis and are aiming for a 80% saving in power used from the grid.

Quatro Design new Solar panels on the factory roof

We’re committed to constantly reduce our impact on the environment whilst manufacturing our landscape pot, planter and street furniture ranges. We already use less cement than precast products as our products are “hollow” with a reduced wall thickness. Watch this space for more updates on our greening initiatives.

Quatro Design – where landscape meets architecture

Proudly Australian Made

Quatro Design is Australian Made

Quatro Design is proud to be associated with the Australian Made campaign and have been ‘Australian Made’ certified since 2013.

The Australian Made brand has one of the most recognised and trusted logo’s in the country and assists in assuring our customers that our products are “genuinely Australian” and manufactured to the highest standards.

Quatro Design Murwillumbah Factory

We are committed to our wonderfully passionate employees and by manufacturing locally we play a key role in supporting the economic development and prosperity of our local Northern Rivers, NSW community. We encourage a clean and green environment in our factory and support our employees’ growth and personal development through on-going training initiatives.

Quatro Design Manufacturing Team

We have noticed an influx of imported pots, planters and street furniture in the landscaping industry of late, however unfortunately not all imported landscaping products comply to the same standards. In fact not every GRC pot is the same – refer to one of our previous blogs here.

When purchasing and installing a Quatro Design pot, planter, trough or any of our street furniture ranges it comes with the peace of mind that each product has been lovingly made by hand adhering to the strictest Australian manufacturing standards.

Quatro Design Products are Made by Hand

We are grateful for the support we’ve received from the Australian landscape architecture and landscape gardening industry so far and look forward to assisting our customers with their projects using our proudly Australian Made products going into the future.

Quatro Design – where landscape meets architecture

‘Cyclone-proof’ pots

We know our GRC U Bowl planters are pretty robust, but how well do they perform in a cyclone?  Now we know the answer.

Recently we received this email from Gary Hewitt at Future Scene Landscaping who wrote:

Thought u might like this pic.  We installed these pots for FKP Hayman Island back in  2014 ? Attached pic after cyclone 2016, now u know they are Cyclone rated.  

Gary’s referring to Cyclone Debbie that hit Queensland’s Whitsundays region on March 28 last year with 263km/h winds and tidal surges.  Hayman Island was hit hard and suffered considerable damage.  But its good to know our planters survived unscathed.  

New SWELL street furniture collection

Here at Quatro Design we’re regularly adding to our GRC concrete product range.  Our latest street furniture collection is SWELL, seating that hints at sea waves coming into the beach.  How so?

Firstly, there are the wave lines cast into the vertical face on one side of the bench, suggestive of the highs and lows in a sea swell.  And secondly, the two SWELL bench seats where one is convex and the other is concave can be laid out in a curving pattern, a bit like lines of waves coming into a beach.

The curved shape of SWELL gives you flexibility.  You can create a large semi-circle of bench seats, or you can weave the benches in and out. They can also be used to form a low retaining wall for a garden bed behind them.

Alternatively, SWELL benches can also be set up as standalone seating, complemented by the rounded SWELL STOOL that also features the wave line pattern on one vertical face.

For more information, click here on SWELL.




New Quatro Product Catalogue

Since our last full product catalogue was published back in 2014, we’ve added many new products to our product range.  In some cases we’ve added new products to existing collections, and in other cases we’ve introduced entirely new planter and street furniture collections.

We’ve now updated the product catalogue to match what can be seen here on our website.  Its available from our Download section, or you can download it now by clicking on the link below.

Quatro Design 2017 Product Catalogue

Producing this new catalogue meant we also needed to update our Trade price list.  If you’d like to request a copy, email us at