1500 Low U Bowl


The sophisticated and modern design of the 1500 Low U Bowl works great as a stand-alone planter or clustered with other sizes from our extensive U Bowl collection. This bowl can also be used as a water feature.

All Quatro Design U Bowls come standard with complimentary clear acrylic-based internal waterproofing and when used as water features the bowls are waterproofed with bitumen membrane.

The 1500 Low U Bowl comes with drainage holes already installed (unless specified without). To prevent drainage holes from blocking Versiflex flexible drainage cells are installed over the hole and covered with geofabric filterwrap. For more information on our drainage options and planting guides see our drainage guide in the downloads section.


  • Diameter: 1500 mm
  • Height: 500 mm
  • Rim: 100 mm
  • Weight: 130 kg
  • Code: ZDU151550
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Colours and Finishes

  • White — made with pure white cement
  • Kalgoorlie — made by adding coloured mineral oxide during manufacture
  • Concrete Grey — made with general purpose cement
  • Charcoal — made by adding coloured mineral oxide during manufacture

Other mineral oxide colours are available on special request — refer to the CCS Colour Card


  • Painted surface finishes including metallic effects (e.g. rust, aged copper and bridge paint)
  • Internal bitumen waterproofing membrane (non-toxic and fish-safe option also available)
  • Anti-graffiti coating
  • Drainage regulator riser