Our Story

Since its establishment in 2004 Quatro Design has grown into the leading Australian manufacturer of Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) products aimed specifically at the Architecture, Interiors and Landscape related industries.

Our modern factory is based in Murwillumbah, NSW, where we manufacture bowls, pots, planters, planter boxes and street furniture seating solutions for Australia-wide distribution.

Quatro Design’s reputation has been built on our commitment to quality and attention to detail, coupled with our customer support from initial enquiry through to delivery.




Our design philosophy has always been guided by the celebration of basic shapes and forms ensuring that every product range will compliment rather than compete with the surrounding landscape. This philosophy has allowed us to create truly timeless landscape product ranges.

We work with leading architecture, landscape architecture and interior design firms to provide solutions for their projects. Additionally we work collaboratively with some of Australia’s best design talent in our industry to design some of our own product ranges.

Quatro Design Large Cylinder Planters
Quatro Design Australian GRC Manufacturer


We’re proud of our Australian Made Certification, the support that we are able to give our local Northern Rivers community and the role we continue to play in enhancing the Australian built environment.

Australia’s leading GRC manufacturer

Quatro Design is synonymous with quality. To achieve consistent high quality and durability, our products are manufactured using modern and specialised GRC equipment. The manufacture of GRC products require a high degree of hands-on specialised labour coupled with close attention to detail.


Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is a mixture of cement, sand and other additives as well as alkali resistant glass fibres that are blended together during manufacturing to create strong yet lightweight products (compared to cast-concrete). Glass fibre strands are used to reinforce the concrete, this negates the need for steel reinforcing. Because steel reinforcing is not required, this allows the thickness of the GRC to be reduced without compromising on strength. Less concrete means less weight and less cement. This means less embodied energy- which is also good news for the environment.



Glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) differs from fiberglass (FRP) in that cement mortar is used instead of a plastic resin to encapsulate the glass fibre strands. Plastic is more lightweight than concrete, but less durable.



Do not risk installing inferior products that don’t meet Australia’s stringent combustibility standards. In recent years, the construction industry has undergone significant reform to eliminate the use of combustible materials in construction projects. The aim is to mitigate the risk of building fires, causing injury or loss of life.

All of Quatro Design’s GRC products are certified non-combustible in accordance with CSIRO Combustibility Test AS 1530.1-1994. It is important to note that many imported construction products and materials available in Australia do not comply with these stringent testing and certification standards.

Quatro products are not only well-designed, robust and durable, but our Certificate of non-combustibility provides both the design and construction community with added peace of mind when our products are used to enhance the Australian built environment.

Where Manufacturing Meets Environment


One of our strategic goals has always been to reduce any adverse impacts on the environment and over the years we’ve introduced a number of initiatives to reach this goal: