two-tone fusion pots

Normally our GRC pots and planters are made in just one colour.  We can’t apply glazes of different colours and then high-bake a pot as happens with clay pottery.

That’s about to change with our new Fusion collection of pots that we’ll be launching in the near future.  Fusion pots will be made in two parts, each in a different colour, and then joined together.  The rendered drawings here clearly shows what the new Fusion pots will look like.

Initially there will be four pots in the Fusion collection — beginning at 400mm in diameter up to 800mm diameter.

We’re currently working on the moulds for the Fusion collection.  As soon as they’re ready we’ll add Fusion pots to our product range so you can order them.  In the meantime, let us know what you think of the concept and design..


Pebbles in new Fleurieu Aquatic Centre


Its not quite pebbles in the pool, but the new Fleurieu Regional Aquatic Centre in the South Australian town of Victor Harbour has plenty of our Pebble seats scattered throughout the landscaping.

We made the Pebbles in glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) using pure white cement and white sand so they’re naturally white.  We think they look really cool, and they will also be cooler to sit on during hot sunny days.  White reflects heat better and absorbs less heat than other colours.

Coming soon — new drainage device for planters

Keeping the drainage holes in the base of pots and planters from getting blocked is important to ensure good drainage.  The growing media/potting mix can block the holes causing water-logging which in turn can cause root rot in the plants.

Various approaches are typically used to ensure good drainage in pots, such as putting a layer of gravel in first and covering with flyscreen mesh or geofabric.  Here at Quatro Design, we’ve come up with a new and simple device to facilitate good pot drainage — the DrainEZE drainage hole screen.

The device (patent pending) is a conical dome with vertical openings to enable water to pass into an air chamber above the drainage hole.  This greatly increases the area through which water can pass, compared to the drainage hole by itself.

To prevent soil from passing through into the air chamber and then blocking the drainage hole, the moulded plastic device is covered with geofabric that is secured at the top with a press-on clip. The geofabric extends out on to the floor of the pot where it is covered with the growing media.

Depending on the size of the pot, the DrainEZE drainage hole screen will be held in position over the drainage hole by the weight of the growing media on it and the geofabric.  If you’re concerned that plant roots might might move the device from over the hole, it can be glue-fixed in position using a semi-flexible adhesive such as a silicone or polyurethane adhesive.

This new drainage hole will be available within the next few weeks, as soon as the plastic injection mould is machined, and the first batch of devices is made.  We’ll keep you informed.

You will then be able to have DrainEZE drainage hole screen fitted to your Quatro pots and planters when ordering.  We will glue-fix them over the drainage holes so all you need to do is fill the pots with a good quality growing media.

We also plan to sell the DrainEZE drainage hole screen separately so you can fit them to pots you source from elsewhere.

Flooding update

It’s now five weeks since ex-Cyclone Debbie produced so much devastation in northern New South Wales where our manufacturing facility is located.  We were seriously affected with flooding through our factory, office and yard.

It took us just two and a half weeks to get back into production, and since then we’ve been very busy remaking items that were damaged, completing existing orders, and working on new orders.

We haven’t yet moved back into our office as its being refurbished, and in the meantime we’re operating out of two demountable buildings on site. New computers are up and running, and we’re in the process of installing a new phone system.

So although its been a challenging time over the past few weeks, Quatro Design is well and truly ‘back on track’.

Cyclone Debbie

The massive flooding in Queensland and northern New South Wales caused by Cyclone Debbie has also affected Quatro Design.

We are located in south Murwillumbah, one of the areas inundated by in the early morning of Friday, March 31.  Although our factory was built above the previous record flood highs, the water nevertheless came through our factory and yard causing considerable damage and loss.

For the past week we’ve been hard at work cleaning up.  Special thanks to our hardworking employees, and others who have helped in many different ways.  By Friday the factory and yard looked almost normal. Electricity was in the process of being reconnected, new air compressors were on the way, and our GRC spray equipment had been repaired.  For the next month or so we’ll be operating out of two portable site offices while our office is being repaired.

This week the new compressors will be installed, and replacement raw materials will arrive.  We expect to be up and running again on either Thursday, 13th  April or Tuesday, 18th April.

We appreciate the support and understanding of our customers during this challenging time.  We will be doing our best to minimise any delays and disruption to your orders.


Not all GRC is the same

Do you remember the Castrol advertising campaign “Oils Ain’t Oils” with Sol and his gangster friends – designed to introduce the motorist to ‘man-made’ synthetic oils?  The point of the ads was that not all oils are the same.  Likewise, products made in GRC (glassfibre reinforced concrete) are not all the same in terms of quality and durability.

Two recent emails we received clearly illustrated this reality.  The first email was from an architect concerned that the planter boxes in a project he had designed had developed an ugly discolouration on the outside surface.  The architect had specified Quatro Design planters for the project, and he therefore assumed that we had supplied them.

The photo the architect sent us showed the planter exteriors had developed a mottled, uneven appearance with efflorescence leaching from the walls around the base.  We have been making planter boxes for over 12 years but I have never seen any of our planters looking like this.

From a close examination of the photo we could see that the planters were not made by Quatro Design. We also checked our records and saw that we had quoted a builder to supply the custom planter boxes but we had never received an order for them.  The builder had instead purchased and installed a presumably cheaper alternative which also turned out to be an inferior alternative.  The cost to the builder in rectifying the problem will be considerably more than the initial saving he made.

The second email we received was from a home owner in Sydney who had had a ‘GRC’ bowl water-feature installed in 2013 by a landscaper.  The bowl developed cracks around the rim, and it was replaced with a similar bowl in 2014.  This second bowl has now also developed cracks around the rim, and is disintegrating around the base so that it no longer holds water.

Because of the design, the home owner thought that the bowls may have been purchased by the landscaper from Quatro Design.  She attached several photographs which confirmed to us that we had not supplied the failed bowls.  She now plans to order a genuine Quatro Design GRC bowl.  I’m confident she won’t be disappointed.  I have a similar-sized bowl in my own backyard that features water lillies and gold fish.  I installed almost it almost 10 years ago, and its still as good as on the day I filled it with water.

The lesson is that not all GRC is the same, and you generally get what you pay for.

At Quatro Design we use the best materials available in our GRC pots, planters and street furniture products that we make right here in Australia.  We don’t cut corners in their manufacture, and we provide a two-year warranty.  So while you may pay a little more, you also get a superior product.


Welcome to our new website

Today, Monday 28th November, we launch our brand new website.  We hope you like it as much as we do.

Several months ago we realised that our old website was not particularly friendly for browsing on your mobile phone.  Also, it was starting to look a bit dated even though we frequently received comments on how visitors liked it.  So, we asked Ionline based on the Gold Coast to build us a totally new website using up-to-date software.

In conjunction with the launch of this new website, we’re also launching several new product ranges.  They include the Deco collection, the Hub Combo stool/jar planter collection, and the Delta seat-planter collection.  Also, we’ve added new products to existing collections such as our U-Bowls and Cylinders.

We’ve prepared a new price-list which includes all our existing and new products.  If you’d like an electronic (pdf) copy, send an email to Renee requesting it.  Her address is

maryborough street revitalization

Maryborough, nestled on the Mary River in Queensland, boasts a relaxed atmosphere and beautifully preserved colonial streets.  The town is steeped in history with the original wharf district now home to vintage restaurants, pubs, museums and art galleries.

Under the Fraser Coast Council, Maryborough recently underwent a revitalisation program which saw the downtown area undergo major works to restore some of the city’s historic buildings and shopfronts.

Quatro Design manufactured custom GRC planters and street furniture elements for the project. The seats from the Flinders range incorporated  decorative panels and bronze sculptures playing tribute to Maryborough’s rich history which includes the birthplace of Pamela Lyndon Travers, the creator of Mary Poppins.

green wall planters grace new industrial residential block

George & Allen, designed by Turner Studio, is a series of four new apartment buildings in Sydney.  Its located on the corner of George and Allen streets in Waterloo. Its design style references the legacy of the site and traditional brick warehouses of the area. Lush courtyards comprise the three intervening spaces, while facades have vertical gardens providing a natural screen to the corridors.

Working with Junglefy who specialise in green wall design, plantings & maintenance, Quatro Design supplied custom GRC tall narrow green wall planters for this project. These planters house a number of climbers, running along a maze of intertwined wires.  They would eventually create a living green wall along the internal stairwells and corridors.

where the river runs

What a wonderful design from PENDA for The 10th China International Garden Expo. "Sustainability" at its best, the gardens focus on water is highlighted in it's location, held in Wuhan, a city located at the intersection of the Yangtze and Han rivers, the project reflects the historical and cultural connection between this region and water. Check out more here