Month: March 2013

our local canteen

Our local coffee haunt in Burleigh Heads, Canteen Coffee, not only does a cracking cup of java, but they are slowly taking over the whole arcade and filling it with vintage, rustic furnishings, and a selection of our planters filled with the most beautiful succulent specimans. Showing how perfectly the clean structured lines of our planters can blend with almost any architectural or interior style. We’ll have to let the boys know that we’ll be using this space as our showroom and having all our client meetings here from now on.

exciting new gem

An inquiry almost two years ago by the Star Casino in Sydney has led to the development of the new GEM street furniture range.

We were approached by Star Casino’s Design team and asked if we could design some planter boxes to enhance the entrance to the high roller Darling Hotel at the Casino’s Pyrmont site.

Nothing we then made seemed to fit the brief — the planter boxes would need to meet the restraints of the site which contained a variety of sloping surfaces at different angles.  That’s when we called in the design team at Street and Garden, an street furniture design studio based in Brisbane.

After visiting the site and seeing the giant red aluminium swallow, the work of artists James and Eleanor Avery suspended over the reception desk, and bearing a pair of diamonds in its mouth, Forrest Gillham of Street and Garden came up with the idea of faceted planters with an offset  waist line and top edge.

Forrest’s design mirrors the facets of the giant red swallow, and it addressed the site’s various sloping surfaces.

The planters could be rotated on sloping sites to level the top edge, or alternatively if the planters are used on level surfaces the tops of the planters create a sloping effect.  Unfortunately a change in management at The Star resulted in the cancellation of the project.

Later last year we were approached by Logan City Council looking for a planter design solution for a busy intersection. We suggested the faceted planters as an option, and again introduced Street and Garden to work with the council to revise the original design to meet the revised brief.

GEM is the result of a synergistic design collaboration that started with The Star in Sydney and has finally found a home in Logan City.  In March we delivered 3 GEM planters and 2 GEM which are now installed at the busy intersection.

The GEM range is now available as part of our new Street Furniture collection.  We’ve included here some images showing the original concepts as 3D computer renderings, mould development, and finally the finished product.