Building 64 North, Melbourne Airport

Quatro Design Super Bowl

Melbourne Airport, also known as Tullamarine Airport is Melbourne’s primary airport and also one of the world’s fastest growing airports.

This rapid growth has had a major effect on the existing infrastructure and land use at the airport and its surrounds.

Kosloff Architecture assisted with the adaptive reuse of an existing hangar shed into a co-working entity. They firmly believe in reuse rather than discarding and the newly refurbished Building 64 North now provides over 3000 square meters of working, meeting and socialising space.

Atelier projects assisted with this exciting project and specified our 3 meter super bowl to create interest and add greenery to the front foyer. The 3 meter super bowl is part of our range of over-sized planters. Their sizes range from 1.6 meters in diameter to a massive 4 meters.

Quatro Design Super Bowl at Melbourne Airport

The greenery in the super bowl lends a fresh appeal to the newly built interior, giving the palm tree roots plenty of room for new and healthy growth.