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Normanby Hotel

Quatro Design Normanby Hotel

The Normanby Hotel has been a Brisbane landmark for 129 years. Following the sale and refurbishment of this heritage-listed building earlier this year, the Normanby Hotel successfully re-opened in September.

The newly renovated space pays homage to the Hotel’s roots by offering a contemporary clubhouse experience. Brisbane’s pub-culture has boomed in recent years and The Normanby Hotel is the latest of Brisbane’s iconic and long-standing watering holes to receive an upgrade. Punters are spoilt for choice with a beer garden and screen for sporting events, lounge areas made for sunset cocktails, bistro style dining areas and a VIP lounge.

Form Landscape Architecture, inspired by the Hotel’s rich history and local culture, designed all green spaces to compliment the contemporary clubhouse theme.

The talented Martin Brothers team were responsible for the installation. Their creative and innovative approach to all their projects sets them apart, and they are well on their way to achieve their vision of becoming the most successful landscape business in Queensland. This project was no exception.

Trees were planted into our U Bowl, Cylinder and Soul Seat planters to create shade and add greenery to the outdoor dining area, and at night string lights create a welcoming and intimate atmosphere.

Quatro Design white cylinder planter at the Normanby Hotel

Timber bench tops were added to the tops of 1200 Tall and 1500 Tall U Bowls as well as 1200 Tall Cylinder planters to create unique bar tables. The central 2200 Soul seat planter was softened with inviting red cushions. Additional greenery in troughs, hanging baskets and pot clusters enhance the interior styling theme.

Quatro Design white soul seat planter at the Normanby Hotel

The Normanby Hotel has gone from strength to strength since re-opening and we look forward to seeing the plants and envisioned landscape mature.

Quatro Design white u bowls at the Normanby Hotel


Martin Brothers

Building 64 North, Melbourne Airport

Quatro Design Super Bowl

Melbourne Airport, also known as Tullamarine Airport is Melbourne’s primary airport and also one of the world’s fastest growing airports.

This rapid growth has had a major effect on the existing infrastructure and land use at the airport and its surrounds.

Kosloff Architecture assisted with the adaptive reuse of an existing hangar shed into a co-working entity. They firmly believe in reuse rather than discarding and the newly refurbished Building 64 North now provides over 3000 square meters of working, meeting and socialising space.

Atelier projects assisted with this exciting project and specified our 3 meter super bowl to create interest and add greenery to the front foyer. The 3 meter super bowl is part of our range of over-sized planters. Their sizes range from 1.6 meters in diameter to a massive 4 meters.

Quatro Design Super Bowl at Melbourne Airport

The greenery in the super bowl lends a fresh appeal to the newly built interior, giving the palm tree roots plenty of room for new and healthy growth.


Trough Planters

Quatro Design Trough Planters

Quatro Design has an extensive range of modern contemporary trough planter boxes, large rectangular planters and square planters to suit any landscape application, whether it is to streetscape and provide greenery to compliment commercial spaces and office buildings or to assist with screening and privacy on balcony and rooftop gardens.

Our GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) troughs are made from a mixture of cement, sand and other additives that is reinforced with bundled strands of fibreglass filaments, this increases the strength of the concrete whilst reducing the weight of the planter compared to pre-cast concrete products. All pots, planter boxes and seats come in four standard colours: white, concrete grey, charcoal and sandstone.

400 Series Modular Troughs

Quatro Design 400 Series Troughs

Our 400 SERIES troughs are perfectly suited to add greenery and screening to narrow spaces. Our 400mm wide by 400mm high troughs are manufactured in the following lengths: 800mm, 1200m, 1600mm and 2000mm. Ornamental grasses like Liriope or Pennisetum and sculptural succulent plants like Sanseveria compliment this range very well.

500 Series Modular Troughs

Quatro Design 500 Series Troughs

Our 500 SERIES troughs are the perfect modular solution and can be used in virtually any landscaping project. Our 500mm wide by 500mm high planter boxes are manufactured in the following lengths: 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm and 2500mm. Small ornamental shrubs like Buxus or Rhaphiolepis can be planted to form an instant hedge.

600 Series Modular Troughs

Quatro’s 600 SERIES trough planters are the perfect contemporary accessory for rooftop gardens and decks. The wider base (compared to our 400mm and 500mm troughs) is better suited to medium-sized shrubs and screening plants to provide screening and privacy to outdoor areas. Screenings shrubs like Nandina, Murraya and clumping Bamboo varieties compliment this modern trough range well. Our 600mm wide by 600mm high troughs come in the following lengths: 1200mm and 1800mm.

Narrow Tall Troughs

Quatro Design Narrow Tall Planters

Our range of NARROW TALL PLANTERS are ideal for landscape situations where you require tall trough planter boxes that have a narrow footprint. They are often used as balustrade planters and add a modern touch to any balcony garden.
The narrow tall troughs have been designed in a number of sizes to address every landscape gardening scenario.

Square Planters

Quatro Design Square Planters

Our SQUARE PLANTER RANGE brings architectural and formal lines into the landscape and make very attractive outdoor features, particularly when the large and oversized cubes are used. There are a variety of square trough sizes available from 400mm, to 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm and larger sizes like 1000mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, 1500mm to our impressive oversized 1800mm and 2000mm cubes that make a real statement.

Extra Large Troughs

Quatro Design’s CIVIC RANGE is a specifier’s dream, with numerous landscape architecture, commercial shopping centre and urban landscaping applications. The large sizes available ensure that both the planter boxes and added greenery are modern and attractive features. The following are some of our popular sizes: 1200x1200x800mm, 1500x600x1000mm, 1500x1500x1000mm, 2000x500x1000mm and 2200x1000x800mm.

Custom Pot Design & Manufacture

Don’t see a trough suited to your site conditions yet? The experienced Quatro Design team can also assist with custom designed and manufactured troughs and planter boxes made to order to your specifications.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your next project.

Quatro Design – Where landscape meets architecture

Quatro Super Bowl collection

When it comes to planter pots, we probably make the biggest in the world.  Up until recently our largest pot was the 2.2 metre diameter U Bowl at 1 metre high.

But here at Quatro Design, we like to push the boundaries in manufacturing GRC planters.  We’ve now released our new supersize bowl collection– ranging from 1.6 metres diameter up to a whopping 3 metres in diameter!

So what to call this new bowl collection?  Renee in Accounts suggested calling them ‘Sumo’ bowls while Chris who is one of the Quatro Design owners came up with ‘Mega’ bowls.  Then our estimator, Justin, topped the list with ‘super bowls’.  So Justin wins — we’re calling it the ‘Super Bowl‘ collection.

Quatro Super Bowls are now available to order.

the streets of barangaroo

Barangaroo is Sydney’s newest neighbourhood, and many of the streets within are quite literally the city’s newest roads. The first building was completed in July 2015, when the first section of Barangaroo was opened.

As tenants started moving in so to did the streets start to open to pop-up food vendors and a trickling of restaurants and bars. To aid in the greening of what is still a construction area, Quatro Design was commissioned to supply a number of its Civic planters in painted finishes, the largest being the 2000 Civic square planter. These colourful break-out areas enable people to sit and enjoy the views and sample the neighbourhood street food.

Further sections of the South precinct will progressively open until its fully completed in 2021.

lourdes hill college

Lourdes Hill College located in Hawthorn, an inner eastern suburb of Brisbane, received a new extension earlier this year and Quatro Design was approached to supply & install planters in the beautification and greening of the new outdoor spaces created. An array of Quatro U bowls, Cylinder, & Cube planters were painted in shades of blue, positioned on site and planted out with a variety of species including olives & magnolias.

a lot more soul

Here at Quatro we have been working hard in developing and building on the success of our SOUL range of planters with complimentary matching street furniture modules. SOUL plays tribute to the traditional terracotta flowerpot, simple in design, timeless and elegant, making ths range ideal for use in wide open spaces such as urban streetscapes, plazas and malls.