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Caterpillar to Butterfly – From mould to beautiful pots

We love custom projects and seeing collaborative design ideas transform from initial sketches to a beautiful final product and the 1200 custom bowls for Robina Town Centre, Gold Coast, was no exception.

When asked to add offset line detail to one of our classic pot shapes we leapt at the challenge.

Mould-making requires literal out of the box thinking whereby we approach pot manufacture from the outside in. This blog shares the creative journey from pot design to installation to give you a sneak-peak of what some of our custom pot manufacturing steps entail.

We are also proud to hand-manufacture to order right here in Australia.

Design to Mould

The final design is transformed into a plug (pattern) which forms the internal shape of the mould.

Silicone is applied and a fibreglass shell follows.

The mould is now ready for our GRC (Glass-fibre reinforced concrete) production process.

Final Touches and Delivery

Once the pots have cured they move to our detailing department to ensure that each pot complies to our stringent quality control procedures before they are wrapped and prepared for delivery.

The completed pots look great once installed and compliment the interior styling theme.

We had a lot of fun with this custom design project and look forward to sharing more of our designs and projects with you in future.

For any custom design and manufacturing queries contact our office on 02 6672 1190 or send an email to sales@quatrodesign.com.au, we’d be delighted to assist with your next project.

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a whole lot of soul in paradise

Here’s a look at the recently revamped Soul development in Surfers Paradise. Working with Greg Boevink from the Soul design team we supplied five of these seat-planters used in the project and were happy to see them in use on the weekend with people lounging in the sun, or keeping out of it in the shade. The Gold Coast is seeing a smattering of style driven designed urban spaces like this at the moment so here’s hoping we see more to come!