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Complimentary Internal Waterproofing

Quatro Design Complimentary Waterproofing

Quatro Design’s commitment to quality has been our driving force since we started designing and manufacturing bowls, pots, planters and street furniture for the landscaping industry in 2004. Our Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) products will last for years and our Clients have the peace of mind that our product ranges are robust and structurally sound.

To ensure that our product surfaces are long-lasting and protected against efflorescence, cracks and surface discolouration, Xypex is added to our GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) mixture during manufacturing and the completed products sprayed with penetrating sealant before they are wrapped and packaged for dispatch.

As part of our commitment and ongoing drive towards excellence we’re excited to announce that complimentary internal waterproofing will now be added to all our products. Yes, our GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) bowls, pots, planter and seat-planter ranges now come with acrylic waterproofing at no extra cost!

Our strict manufacturing standards ensure the surface longevity of our landscape products:

  1. Xypex in the GRC mixture reduces porosity and hairline cracks.
  2. The penetrating sealer protects against oil and water-based stains.
  3. Acrylic waterproofing prevent excess soil moisture causing surface discoloration and discourages efflorescence.

Internal waterproofing also has the added benefit of preventing rapid moisture loss in the potting medium. Temperatures are expected to soar this Summer and with some areas in Australia experiencing drought and water restrictions this will be good news indeed.

Quatro Design – where landscape meets architecture

Quatro Bowl outside Reserve Bank of Australia

Whenever Chris or I go down to Sydney we aim to photograph projects where Quatro Design products have been installed.  This week it was Chris’ turn, and he visited 65 Martin Place, home of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Earlier this year, the RBA contacted us to order a 2300 Designer Bowl, the largest in our Designer Bowl collection.  They also wanted the bowl to come in Rust Effect which we achieved by painting the bowl with a rust effect speciality paint containing iron particles.  Following painting, an activator is applied to the iron-rich surface.  This causes a chemical reaction whereby the iron is converted into iron oxide — in other words, rust.  

The ‘rusty’ Designer bowl is now located at ground level along the Macquarie Street side of the RBA building.  It’s been planted out with a Dragon Tree.  We think the two go well together.

maryborough street revitalization

Maryborough, nestled on the Mary River in Queensland, boasts a relaxed atmosphere and beautifully preserved colonial streets.  The town is steeped in history with the original wharf district now home to vintage restaurants, pubs, museums and art galleries.

Under the Fraser Coast Council, Maryborough recently underwent a revitalisation program which saw the downtown area undergo major works to restore some of the city’s historic buildings and shopfronts.

Quatro Design manufactured custom GRC planters and street furniture elements for the project. The seats from the Flinders range incorporated  decorative panels and bronze sculptures playing tribute to Maryborough’s rich history which includes the birthplace of Pamela Lyndon Travers, the creator of Mary Poppins.

elements of byron bay resort

Quatro Design is proud to have been involved with Elements of Byron, a new resort and spa development located in Byron Bay.   

Opening in early February 2016, Elements of Byron takes architectural inspiration from the native flora and fauna of the area. Organic and feminine in form, the low impact single-story pavilion blurs with its surroundings, with the landscape and interiors typically Australian in style.

The Byron region is home to many great artists, glass blowers to ceramicists and painters, with the resort commissioning several of these local artists to produce work in various media. In keeping with the desire to keep all things ‘authentically Byron’, Quatro Design in nearby Murwillumbah produced various GRC (glassfibre reinforced concrete) elements for the project’s outdoor spaces.  These included a 2.3 metre diameter fire-pit, pool-side stools and side tables, and Quatro’s new ‘Avocado’ seat in in the day spa.  All were made in a colour palette inspired by the resort’s unique natural surroundings.

the langham hotel sydney

The Langham Hotel, which has won almost every prestigious domestic and international award, is a superb urban retreat known for its tranquil, boutique ethos, recently underwent extensive refurbishments to the tune of $30 million. A complete redevelopment of the lobby, dining areas, guest rooms and ballrooms saw London based design firm GA Design transform the hotel with classical & elegant design aesthetics and most importantly opening up the hotel to magnificent harbour views.

Building works were overseen by ICMG and Quatro Design was proud to be a part of the finishes schedule, including numerous GRC planters including window planter boxes on the Kent St entrance, and cube & trough planters boxes on the harbour side balconies. A single custom designed painted grc planter at the centre of the formal dining room was a hit with the design team and a few others have been commissioned for this project.

For a truly memorable stay in Sydney be sure to check into The Langham at www.langhamhotels.com/en/the-langham/sydney/

project: westfield garden city

Back in July I blogged about the large terracotta-look flowerpots that we had made for Westfield Garden City in Brisbane.  On Tuesday Sam took a ‘field trip’ to Garden City and took some photos of the pots.  We thought you might like to see them now they’ve been installed.  

Sam also photographed the large ‘egg’ seat planters we made for the project.  These seat planters are an exclusive Westfield product designed by their own design team in Sydney.  We initially made these seat planters in white GRC for the Westfield Carindale refit in 2012.  For this project we again made the seat planters in GRC but with a dark oxide added.  The tops are in Australian hardwood with a dark timber stain. 

relief for designer planters

We are currently working on a project for the Fraser Coast Council which sees our planters with a low relief (bas-relief) design on one side of each planter. This is acheived by placing a reverse relief inside the planter mould then casting in glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRC). To ensure the relief design remains crisp and intact, a rubber film is placed over the mould which when almost dry is peeled away to expose the artwork.

glassfibre reinforced concrete finishes

Here at Quatro Design we have been making glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) pots and planters boxes for over a decade and in the last 12 months we have seen an enormous shift in the desire for unique finishes. Textured, painted, high-gloss, earthen, we’ve even played with a wood-grain finish, here are a few examples of what can be achieved with a GRC product.

PITTED FINISH – this surface treatment is achieved by coating the mould in a mix of rock salt and wax, once the pot is cured and removed from the mould the rock salt and wax mix is washed off with a high pressure hose leaving this stunning organic, molten, aged surface.

MOULD LINERS – this finish is achieved by using one of Reckli’s Rough Cast liners. Check out the amazing range of designs available here http://www.reckli.net/formliner/designs/

PAINTED – GRC can be successfully painted in any colour although some will be easier to maintain than others (ie scuffing on a matt finish) and it is recommended if the planter is outside to choose a suitable UV resistant paint. Our most popular painted finish at the moment is a matt terracotta look which is used predominantly on the SOUL planter, a traditional flowerpot shape. The vibrant, earthen orange teamed with the huge sale of these pots is eye-catching and fun. While rust-effect paints are still popular in the designer bowl and U bowl ranges.

TIMBER CLAD – only recently were we commissioned to make a timber clad planter, consisting of a full GRC inner, with a timber panelled sheath to go over the top. The end result is not only visually stunning but also a great way to increase the longevity of the timber as it doesn’t come into direct contact with the soil.

I’m thinking a rose gold metallic finish on a U bowl is next on my wishlist! Stay tuned.

flowerpots for Westfield Garden City

The Westfield designers were adamant they didn’t want to use rotomolded plastic flowerpots in the redevelopment of Westfield Garden City.  They wanted the oversized flowerpots to have the authentic look and feel of terracotta. 

We already had a flowerpot planter in our product range at just the right size diameter – 1240mm.   But they wanted to reduce the height slightly, from 1200mm down to 1040mm.  No problemo!  We could build a false floor in the mould to reduce the product height by 160mm. 

What about the terracotta look and feel?  We would make the pots in GRC (glassfibre reinforced concrete) using a terracotta-coloured oxide for the base colour, and then apply several coats of Megatreat Terracotta paint. Megatreat is made using ground-up terracotta, and so the applied paint has the look and feel of real terracotta. 

We’re now in the final stages of painting the flowerpots, and they really do have the look and feel of terracotta.  They’ll be installed in August.  If you’re visiting Westfield Garden City (Mount Gravatt, Brisbane) after then, check them out for yourself.