The fluid design of Segment made in GRC concrete will enhance any urban landscape or streetscape.

Segment was designed by Australian designer Surya Graf, and is comes in 3 profiles.

It is manufactured  by Quatro Design, and is available in our standard colours of concrete grey, white, and charcoal, or in other mineral oxide colours on special request.

There are three bench options in the Segment Collection

Segment backed bench [bench seat on outer] SEG1-1

Segment backed bench [bench seat on inner] SEG1-0

Segment backless bench SEG2

Segment’s can be laid out in creative configurations such as in snake patterns or part circles.

Segment’s are Australian-made by Quatro Design.

Quatro Design products are made to order at our Murwillumbah, NSW factory. We deliver Australia-wide.

Click on each product in the Segment collection below for more information on colours, size, codes and options.