Bondi Collection


Raised seating and planter integration 

This large Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) seat planter facilitates the introduction of instant, raised planting beds with integrated seating into the built environment. It is made in four sections that bolt together on site and does not have a built-in floor, which also allows for easy installation around an existing column or tree. Timber slats can also be recessed onto the top if desired.

AUSTRALIAN MADE: Our entire product range is made to order at our large and modern factory in Murwillumbah, NSW and we deliver Australia-wide.

All Quatro Design Bondi seating units come with complimentary anti-graffiti sealant.


Our GRC material is not combustible in accordance with the CSIRO Combustibility Test AS 1530.1-1994.

Click on each unit below for more information. For customised concrete colour options visit our Colours & Accessories page.

Please note that we do not recommend painting seating units without timber tops or the use of dark mineral oxides, like charcoal, for outdoor seating. Dark surfaces can reach very high temperatures when placed in full sun.

3200 Bondi (Four 1 / 4 Sections)

D 3200 mm x H 485 mm

Quatro Design Bondi Large Seating Unit

3200 Bondi with Timber

D 3200 mm x H 485 mm

Quatro Design Bondi Large Seating Unit