City of Adelaide Street Beautification

South Australia’s City of Adelaide has recently installed Quatro Design GRC planter boxes into two street beautification projects within the city’s CBD.    

Thirty-five of our 1200 Square Tall Civic Planters are now located along North Terrace outside the University of Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building.

One custom feature requested was for a 150 mm diameter circular recess to be formed in the planter wall to allow for a metal disc.  The disc is engraved with the City of Adelaide crest, and is fixed into the recess on two opposing sides of the planters.

The second installation of Quatro planter boxes is nearby in Gresham Lane.  As part of the Council’s plan to turn Gresham Lane into a French Quarter with outdoor dining, Quatro planters have been installed along the lane interspersed with traditional French-style bollards.

(Photos by Daryl Tain)