Q & A

Here are some frequently-asked questions that we receive.

How is GRC different from Fibreglass (FRP)?

When people mention ‘fibreglass’ they are usually referring to products made in a composite of fibreglass strands and polyester resin — hence the term FRP which stands for ‘fibreglass reinforced plastic’.  GRC stands for ‘glassfibre reinforced concrete’, a composite primarily made up of sand, cement, and alkali-resistant fibreglass strands.   Technically both GRC and FRP qualify as fibreglass composites.  One is a masonry product while the other is a plastic product.

Sometimes GRC is referred to as GFRC, particularly in the United States.  Another term that may be used is FRC meaning ‘fibreglass reinforced concrete’.

ARe your GRC products made in australia?

Yes, they are.  We have a large manufacturing facility based at Murwillumbah in northern New South Wales, close to the Gold Coast and the Pacific Highway.  We have been manufacturing here in Australia since we began in 2004.

Will Quatro grc pots shatter like many other pots on the market?

No, they will not.  In fact our GRC (glassfibre reinforced concrete) products are shatterproof.  This is because of the high percentage of glassfibres embedded in the sand-cement matrix that comprises GRC.   Pots can sustain localised damage if they are heavily impacted, but they will not shatter.

Do you arrange delivery?

Yes, we do.  For small to medium-sized pots and planter-boxes, we typically use furniture removalists for delivery to your home or project.  The products are wrapped in blanket pads to protect them during transit.  For larger items that cannot be easily carried, or where large quantities of pots are required, we palletise the planters and deliver them to site on a semi-truck or a crane truck.  You will need a forklift at your end for unloading.

When you ask for a quote, we will also include the delivery cost.

Are your products available ex-stock?

We manufacture to order here in Australia which means we make to your specific requirements.  You get to choose the integral concrete colour (our standard colours are white, sandstone, concrete grey or charcoal) or the  painted finish that you require.  With square and trough planters you can also choose various feet height options.  Our lead-times are relatively short so you won’t have to wait too long before we can complete your order.

What product warranty do you provide?

We provide a one-year warranty on our products.