Quad is a stylish concrete street furniture element that integrates bench seating with a large centre planter.  Quad is ideal for wide open spaces such as malls and plazas.

The four-sided Quad provides over 8 metres of bench seating while the centre planter is suitable for growing small trees.

Because Quad is made in GRC (glassfibre reinforced concrete), it is much lighter compared to an item of similar size made in precast concrete.  Also, we have designed Quad so that it can be lifted with a forklift (extension slippers required). This makes installation much easier, and also enables fast and easy relocation on site if necessary.

Quad comes in two versions. Quad Type A allows for the entire base to be filled with growing media enabling tree roots to extend out further.  Quad Type B, on the other hand, has a 1.1 metre square inner planter to hold the growing media and plants.

Quad seat planters are Australian-made by Quatro Design.

Quatro Design products are made to order at our Murwillumbah, NSW factory. We deliver Australia-wide.

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