400 / 600 Modular Series

400 / 600 Modular Series

Modular sophistication

Our durable Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) troughs deliver a sophisticated backdrop to any landscape. The understated modular design compliments any design theme or planting combination. Custom feet sizes are available should additional height or clearance be required.

AUSTRALIAN MADE: Our entire product range is made to order at our large and modern factory in Murwillumbah, NSW and we deliver Australia-wide.

All Quatro Design planter boxes come standard with complimentary clear acrylic-based internal waterproofing and have drainage holes installed (unless specified without).


Drainage holes are covered with DrainEZE drainage hole screens and geofabric filterwrap to prevent holes from blocking.

Our GRC material is not combustible in accordance with the CSIRO Combustibility Test AS 1530.1-1994.

Click on each planter box below for more information. For customised colour, surface finish, drainage and waterproofing options visit our Colours & Accessories page. We can assist with custom manufacturing if non-standard sizes are required for your landscape installation.

1200 Trough (400/600 series)

L 1200 mm x H 600 mm

Quatro Design 400 600 Series 1200 Trough Planter Box in White

1800 Trough (400/600 series)

L 1800 mm x H 600 mm

Quatro Design 400 600 Series 1800 Trough Planter Box in White

2400 Trough (400/600 series)

L 2400 mm x H 600 mm

Quatro Design 400 600 Series 2400 Trough Planter Box in White

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