400 / 600 Modular Series

400 / 600 Modular Series

Modular trough planter box
Modular trough planter box

The understated and modular design of our durable Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) trough planter boxes complement a variety of residential and commercial landscape installations.

This robust and rectangular range of troughs and planter boxes come in a variety of lengths to easily assist with custom configurations and clusters in any public space, garden or balcony.

Our square and rectangular planter boxes come standard with 10 mm high strip feet cast into the base. Planter box strip feet add 10mm to the overall product height.

Custom feet sizes are available should additional height or clearance be required.

Modular sophistication

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  • For additional information on customised colour, surface finish, feet, drainage and waterproofing options visit our Colours, Options and Accessories page.
  • All Quatro GRC products are certified as non-combustible.

1200 Trough (400/600 series)

L 1200 mm x H 600 mm

Quatro Design 400 600 Series 1200 Trough Planter Box in White

1800 Trough (400/600 series)

L 1800 mm x H 600 mm

Quatro Design 400 600 Series 1800 Trough Planter Box in White

2400 Trough (400/600 series)

L 2400 mm x H 600 mm

Quatro Design 400 600 Series 2400 Trough Planter Box in White

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