Quatro Design Quad Street Furniture Public Seating


Bold and angular seating integration 

This Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) collection provides dimension and scale to large, open spaces. It delivers on large and free-standing bench seating; and has an integrated planter. There are two versions available – Type A allows for the entire base to be filled with soil enabling tree roots to extend out further. Type B has a 1.1m square inner planter to hold the growing medium and is ideally suited to shrubs.

AUSTRALIAN MADE: Our entire product range is made to order at our large and modern factory in Murwillumbah, NSW and we deliver Australia-wide.

All Quatro Design Quad seating units come with complimentary anti-graffiti sealant.


Our GRC material is not combustible in accordance with the CSIRO Combustibility Test AS 1530.1-1994.

Click on each unit below for more information. For customised concrete colour options visit our Colours & Accessories page.

Please note that we do not recommend painting seating units without timber tops or the use of dark mineral oxides, like charcoal, for outdoor seating. Dark surfaces can reach very high temperatures when placed in full sun.

Quad Type A

L 2400 mm x H 450 mm

Quatro Design Quad A Street Furniture Public Seating

Quad Type B

L 2400 mm x H 450 mm

Quatro Design Quad B Street Furniture Public Seating

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