Visit our Downloads page to download a copy of our GRC Product Warranty and Maintenance Guidelines.





We recommend using licenced and experienced installations contractors that apply best practices for the installation of all Quatro Design products.

Please ensure that the following documents have been referenced before installation and contact us should you have any additional queries before installation commences.

  • Drainage Guide (including Planting and Irrigation guidelines). (Warranty will be void if product is installed on an uneven surface).
  • Installation Guide: Seat Fixing. (Where applicable).
  • Installation Guide: Planter Placement & Levelling. (Warranty will be void if product is installed on an uneven surface).



Quatro Design warrants every product that leaves our factory to be structurally sound, in good condition and free of defects. Should any structural defect (under normal usage) become apparent within a period of four (4) years, Quatro Design will replace the product free of charge. Quatro Design warranty covers against structural defects. Fading and hairline cracks are common in masonry products and are not covered under this warranty.

With normal usage Quatro Design’s Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) products will last for years due to its stringent manufacturing quality standards.

Quatro Design confirms that all the materials used in the manufacturing of its GRC products conform to the relevant Australian Standards. Specifically these Australian Standards apply to:

  • AS 3972:2010 General Purpose and Blended Cements.
  • AS 2758.1:2014 Aggregates and Rock for Engineering Purposes – Concrete Aggregates.
  • AS 1141:1999 Methods for Sampling and Testing Aggregates.
  • AS 1478.1:2000 Chemical Admixtures for Concrete, Mortar and Grout.

Mineral oxides used in Quatro Design products are manufactured by Concrete Colour Systems (CCS). CCS UV resistant mineral oxide pigments comply with ASTM C979-1999 Pigments for Integral Colouration of Concrete and Mortars, British / European Standard BS EN 12878-1999 Pigments for Portland Cements and Portland Cement Products and Australian Standard Colour Pigments for Use with Portland Cement ASK 54-1935.

Additionally, where materials are not referenced to an Australian Standard, Quatro Design uses products (eg. alkali-resistant glass) that conform to A Recommended Practice ‘Design, Manufacture and Installation of Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)’ published by the National Precast Concrete Association of Australia (NPCAA).

Our GRC material is NOT deemed combustible according to the CSIRO Combustibility Test in accordance with AS 1530.1-1994.

Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete surfaces can vary in look, colour and shading (particularly with darker pigments). This is considered a natural aspect of the product and adds to its aesthetic appeal. Any colour and tonal irregularities are not covered under warranty.

All products are made to order and recommended dispatch times take product curing time into consideration. Should earlier dispatch dates be required this could result in partially cured products being shipped. This will void Quatro Design’s warranty.

All Quatro Design planters come standard with complimentary acrylic-based waterproofing, and bitumen waterproofing is available on request. If the waterproofing membrane has been compromised, by drilling holes into our products for example, waterproofing will have to be reapplied. Our products are sealed with Sealit Multipurpose Acrylic Clear waterproofing or SikaTite BE waterproofing membrane or Crommelin Pond Sealer. We recommend reapplying with the same or similar.

Our GRC products are not covered under warranty for vandalism like graffiti or damage from skateboards, bicycles and vehicles.



Quatro Design products are manufactured in GRC, and as such they are masonry products that require minimal maintenance. GRC products can be cleaned with a damp cloth and gentle / mild soap-based cleaning products. Abrasive cleaning products should not be used.

Non-painted planter products have SureSeal EZY AS 1-2-3 penetrating sealer applied to the exterior GRC surface to protect against oil and water-based stains. For any additional maintenance information or queries on the sealant please visit suresealants.com.au. Warranty will be void if cleaning and maintenance guidelines are not adhered to.

Seating modules additionally have SureSeal Graffiti Shield applied to the external surfaces. For any additional maintenance information or queries on the sealant please visit suresealants.com.au. Warranty will be void if cleaning and maintenance guidelines are not adhered to.

Where timber elements are incorporated into standard products the timber is sealed with Cabot’s Natural Decking Oil (unless timber and sealant have been specified differently). We recommend reapplying with the same or similar oil every 6 months. If tint from the oil should leach onto the surface of the product, use a fine scourer pad and gentle / mild soap to remove.


Maintenance of Painted Surfaces

In order to achieve maximum life from painted coatings applied to products the following is recommended:

Paint can take up to 4 weeks to fully cure. Avoid cleaning painted surfaces until fully cured.

The most effective cleaners are ammonia-free, follow the instructions given on the label. Gently wipe, rinse well and allow to dry. This method has shown best stain removal with minimal change to surface appearance

Never scrub a painted surface, this will polish the surface and cause shiny patches. Use a soft sponge / cloth and a gentle wiping motion, rinse the area to remove any traces of the cleaner.

Exterior painted surfaces will benefit from annual cleaning as per the cleaning guidelines above to remove surface contaminants and chalking. Chalking is the natural breakdown of the paint film, when removed the coating returns to a brighter, cleaner look.

For exterior coatings that are close to high vehicular traffic areas, more cleaning may be required. Regular removal of road fall-out will help prevent degration of the coating which may be caused by air-borne chemicals.

Where specialist paint finishes have been applied to product, such as rust or bronze effects please contact us direct so that we can advise based on the paint supplier’s maintenance requirements.