Gem Planters & Seats

Inspired by the facets of a cut gemstone, the GEM planter and seat collection exemplify the versatility of product design and manufacture in GRC (glassfibre reinforced concrete). GEM was designed by Forrest Gillham of Brisbane-based Street & Garden Furniture Company in collaboration with Quatro Design. GEM planters and seats come in three sizes — 1000, 1200 and 1500 square.

One feature of GEM is that it works on both sloping and level surfaces. The planter is made in two parts that can be joined in different configurations to alter the planter profile. Thus, the planter rim can be levelled on a sloping surface, or angled to create a sloping effect on a level surface.

The GEM seat is the bottom section of the planter turned upside down. It can similarly be rotated and levelled on sloping surfaces.

GEM planters and seats are available in our standard concrete colours, and in a wide range of painted finishes.

Download the GEM product card for more information on GEM planters and seats.