1500 GEM planter in grc concrete

GEM 1500 planter

The GEM 1500 planter is a multi-faceted GRC concrete planter with matching GRC platform seat available. It is the largest of the three planters in the GEM collection.

GEM planters can be ordered in three configurations depending on how the top half sits on the bottom half — with each configuration giving a different aspect.

GEMs can be placed on a sloping site yet depending on how the planter is rotated, the top can be level or inclined.  On a level site, the top rim can be level or inclined.

Likewise, the matching GEM 1000 seat can be rotated to give a level platform on a sloping site, or a sloping seat on a level site.

GEM products are available in a range of concrete oxide colours and  painted finishes.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Construction  Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) with smooth moulded finish. It comes standard with Quatro Design’s DrainEZE drainage hole screen (patent pending).

Standard colours  white, sandstone, concrete grey and charcoal (other oxide colours available on special request)


  • painted surface finishes including metallic effects [e.g.. rust, aged copper],
  • internal waterproofing membrane
  • drainage regulator riser

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