GRC concrete 3000 SUPER BOWL
3000 Super Bowl – Charcoal RenderQuatro Design Standard Colours

3000 Super Bowl

The 3000 Super Bowl made in GRC concrete is one of our largest round planters, and can be used as a force protection security barrier.  It is capable of growing small to medium size trees.

The term ‘super bowl’ best describes Quatro Design’s new range of GRC concrete planters because they are big and spectacular, and designed for large, open spaces.

Bowl construction  single-walled GRC [Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete] bowl with smooth moulded exterior, and 200mm wide top rim. It comes standard with Versiflex Flexible Drainage Cell.

Standard colours  white, sandstone, concrete grey and charcoal [other oxide colours available on special request].

Complimentary clear acrylic waterproofing comes standard in all Quatro Design products.


  • painted surface finishes including metallic effects [e.g. rust, aged copper]
  • internal bitumen waterproofing membrane
  • anti-graffiti coating

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