Security Barrier Planters

Protecting public spaces from vehicle terrorist attack has become a government priority in recent times.  Concrete barriers are being installed in our cities to deter would-be terrorists in vehicles from accessing public spaces.

However, such force protection obstacles in the form of large concrete blocks and Jersey barriers are unsightly, and add to the sense of threat in these public areas.  One alternative to these unsightly barriers is to install architectural planters that provide protection while contributing to the beauty of the public space.

Here at Quatro Design we have developed a range of very large pots and planter boxes manufactured in GRC concrete that can be used as force protection barriers.  These include square planter boxes up to 2 metres square, rectangular planter boxes up to 2.2 metres long, and bowl planters up to 3 metres in diameter.  When filled with soil, shrubs and trees they become large and heavy traffic barriers.

Also, we have now designed a planter box that can be fitted over a Jersey barrier to transform it from an ugly traffic barrier into an attractive planter box.

In this SECURITY BARRIER PLANTER category, we have included below our new Jersey Barrier Planter Box, as well as the larger items from extensive product collections.

Furthermore, as an Australian-based manufacturer we can custom-make planters to your design and dimensions.