Quatro Gem Planter and Street Furniture Range


Inspired by the facets of a cut gemstone 

Designed by acclaimed industrial designer Forrest Gillham for Street+Garden this Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) collection of seats and planters was inspired by the facets of a cut gemstone. The planters are made in two parts and can be joined together in different configurations to alter the planter top profile. The seats can similarly be rotated.

AUSTRALIAN MADE: Our entire product range is made to order at our large and modern factory in Murwillumbah, NSW and we deliver Australia-wide.

This collection comes standard with complimentary clear acrylic-based internal waterproofing and planters have drainage holes installed (unless specified without). Drainage holes are covered with VersiFlex flexible drainage cells and geofabric filterwrap to prevent holes from blocking. All seating units are supplied with anti-graffiti sealant.

Our GRC material is not combustible in accordance with the CSIRO Combustibility Test AS 1530.1-1994.

Click on each unit below for more information. For customised colour, surface finish, drainage and waterproofing options visit our Colours & Accessories page.

Please note that we do not recommend painting seating units without timber tops or the use of dark mineral oxides, like charcoal, for outdoor seating. Dark surfaces can reach very high temperatures when placed in full sun.

1000 Gem Planter

L 1000 mm x H 1000 mm

Quatro Design 1000 Gem Planter in White

1200 Gem Planter

L 1200 mm x H 650 mm

Quatro Design 1200 Gem Planter in White

1500 Gem Planter

L 1500 mm x H 900 mm

Quatro Design 1500 Gem Planter in White

1000 Gem Seat

L 1000 mm x H 500 mm

Quatro Design 1000 Gem Seat Street Furniture

1200 Gem Seat

L 1200 mm x H 325 mm

Quatro Design 1200 Gem Seat Street Furniture

1500 Gem Seat

L 1500 mm x H 450 mm

Quatro Design 1500 Gem Seat Street Furniture

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