helensvale library redevelopment

Custom planter for Helensvale Library

A significant part of our GRC manufacturing operation is making custom planters and street furniture elements for our clients. Typically they are planter-boxes of non-standard dimensions to fit into a specific project.  Or we might modify an existing product that we already have.  And sometimes its a completely new design that the client requires for their project.

Here at Quatro Design we are well set up for custom-manufacture.  We have the following capabilities:

  • producing two and three-dimensional CAD shop drawings
  • CNC shaping in foam and wood composites (e.g. LDF and MDF) to make the exact shape required (the plug) from which a fibreglass mould can be taken
  • experienced mould-makers working within a large, well-equipped workshop for making moulds in timber and fibreglass
  • a large and fully-equipped factory for the manufacture of GRC products.

Examples of custom manufacture include

  • square and rectangular planter boxes from small to very large
  • curved wall planters such as cylinders and bowls and pots with non-standard specifications or design features.
  • integrated seat planters where seat and planter are combined into one element
  • street furniture (e.g. seating, bollards, etc.)
Custom balustrade planters, Sydney

Custom balustrade planters, Bondi, Sydney

Our Project gallery shows numerous examples of the custom work we have done. If you require something different, please contact us here at Quatro Design to discuss how we can work together on your next project.

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