Feet & Castor Wheel Options for Planter-Boxes


Quatro square and rectangular GRC planter-boxes can be made with feet cast into the base.  Our planter-boxes are elevated 10mm off the ground as standard, and they incorporate a drainage channel cast in to the base help facilitate drainage.   However, for most planter-boxes we also offer three other feet height options where the feet are cast into the base.  They are:

25mm high block feet

50mm high block feet

75mm high block feet

75mm high block feet cast into base of planter box

75mm high block feet cast into base of planter box

When ordering, specify the feet height you require for your planter-boxes.


If planters need to be able to be moved from time to time, we can fit castor wheels to the planter base.   The castors can be recessed into the base, or sit flush with the underside.  Typically two of the four castors will have brakes built into them.

Not all planter-boxes are suitable for fitting castors, such as tall narrow planters or our large square planters.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

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