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Special Effects & Finishes

At Quatro Design we can achieve a range of special finishes and special effects on the exterior surface of our products.  They include:

Speciality Paints

Sometimes it’s simply not possible or its just too expensive to make something in the real material, such as in metal or ceramic clay.  Here at Quatro Design we use speciality paints to achieve look-alike finishes such as rust, copper, aged copper and terracotta.  These finishes look like the real thing but can be achieved at a fraction of the cost.

Our rust effect finish is one of the more popular metal effects that we do.  We first apply two coats of a ‘liquid iron’ base paint that contains iron particles. Then an activator liquid is applied to the surface which chemically converts the iron particles into rust giving a rust effect over the next few hours.  An optional clear sealer can applied once the full rust effect is achieved.

Pitted Surface

Another special effect we offer for some of our pots and planters is a pitted surface.  We apply rock salt to the surface of the mould before spraying the GRC material in to the mould.  When we take the bowl out of the mould, the rock salt is washed off revealing a pitted surface. (Note that this effect is not available for the 700 Tall U Bowl or the 900 Tall U Bowl.

Moulded shapes and surfaces

Sometimes clients want a special pattern or design moulded into the surface of square or rectangular planter-box.  It might be a timber pattern, or a floral design — almost anything is achievable. You can choose a particular pattern from the Reckli Formliner Catalogue, or we can make the pattern if nothing suitable is available.   The mould formliners are usually made in a flexible polyurethane material, and they can be used multiple times. (Please contact us to discuss the pattern to determine suitability before specifying).


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